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Well, Hello There!

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Since Evergreen Decor had its first summer season in business and I have had an opportunity to decorate some of the prettiest occasions, I thought it would be a high time to start a blog creating another platform for sharing some thoughts with the world.

So here it is, welcome to my very first blog post!

I am so grateful for this journey that has brought me some of the most amazing experiences. Over the last months I got to unleash my creativity thanks to the best customers, I met and got to work with so many talented people while also securing some of the coolest commercial projects with amazing brands.

I have also celebrated reaching over 27k followers on Instagram and my first 1m views on several reels. It is hard to explain how I feel seeing my little business grow so much reaching more and more people. But it definitely fills my heart with gratitude!

So what you can expect from my blog?

I get quite a lot of customers asking for recommendations when it comes to the best suppliers for the cakes, venues, other vendors etc.

So I am planning to share my recommendations of some of the best suppliers that I get to work with in the events industry. I will also be sharing some tips and tricks over here that I learn as my business grows so I hope you will find this useful.

Warm wishes,

Egle x

Photo credit: Anna Laska Photography


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