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First Birthday Ideas

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Those who follow me on Instagram probably know that one of my favourite occasions to decorate are first birthdays.

A first birthday celebration is all about the baby but, at its core it’s for the mum and dad, older siblings and the whole family. Because let’s face it - a one year old cannot yet fully appreciate all the efforts that go into party planning. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t go all out. Quite the opposite, I’d say!

I remember myself planning my daughter’s first birthday. Oh how special it was! I’m so glad we hosted a beautiful party with our closest friends and family for her. We decided to hire a photographer to help us capture the day and now my daughter has a beautiful photo book reminding her what a special day it was.

When working with clients and especially first time parents, I just love noticing how much care and thought goes into planning these celebrations. A lovely party theme, beautiful invitations, thoughtful decorations and a special cake all compliment one another creating a one of a kind party scene. But most importantly, all these little details are being captured in memory and photos that will be cherished for the years to come.

For the first birthday celebrations, I love choosing soft pastel colours and adorning balloon displays with beautiful flowers. And of course adding a personal touch with a personalised message.

Whether you decide to plan a big party or keep things more intimate, choosing a theme can help you guide your party planning and make it feel more special.

Here I’m sharing some ideas for your perfect first birthday celebration. And if you're planning your little one's party, feel free to get in touch, I'd love to help!


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